Amish Widow’s Escape by Saraah Sowell

Amish Widow’s Escape (Book One - Runaway Amish Widow Series)

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Amish Widow’s Escape (Book One – Runaway Amish Widow Series)

Page count: at least 230 pages

Can Meredith escape the hell that is her marriage with cold and cruel Patrick Monroe?

Meredith Monroe is married to what was once considered one of the prime catches in her small Amish community of Morristown—the widower Patrick, several years her senior. However, life with him is anything but ideal, with daily verbal abuse and occasional beatings that no one seems to notice. Rather than finding solace with her family, they often seem to side with her husband, and blame her for his cruelty.

When Patrick is killed, Meredith believes that she can finally find relief from the living hell, but she has no idea what’s in store for her. Everything in her life will drastically change in the instant when she witnesses the brutal murder of a young girl and runs for her life…directly into the arms of a handsome millionaire.

“What the hell are you doing in my house?” His mind ran in every possible direction.

“Oh, just a little harmless visit to your lovely wife. She is stubborn, isn’t she?”

Just then he heard Meredith’s muffled voice. Then he heard something hitting the ground, followed by more muffled screams.

Holy Jesus! Rudolph had Meredith hostage. “What the hell are you doing to her?” Landon hissed.

“Nothing yet. But if you don’t listen to what I say, I am not responsible for my actions. I am one crazy man and when I lose my mind, I do things that no one likes.”

Rich Landon Blackwell knows that he’ll marry someday, so when the pretty Amish girl angers him and flees his home, he tracks her down and makes her indebted father an offer he can’t refuse. The Amish man is all too willing to sell his widowed and pregnant daughter for the right price, regardless of her own plans for her future. Landon refuses to admit that the girl he saved without even knowing it has captured more than his passing attention, especially when things just don’t add up in her stories.

From the moment that Meredith becomes Landon’s legal wife, he is determined to make their married life as cold and fruitless as possible. It is the best vengeance that he can think of for this loose woman and her illegitimate child on the way—since they dared to cross his path. However, when the truth finally comes out, Landon must make the most desperate plan of his life—and even his riches won’t save the woman he finally admits that he loves…

Can Meredith convince the world of the truth and finally find arms to surround her with love?

Will Landon begin to believe the truth before his chance at true happiness with the woman of his dreams dies before his very eyes?


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