American Abandon by Jarrett McCall

American Abandon

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American Abandon

America once trusted in God. Not anymore. God has
abandoned America. It was a request. A request answered by God.
These twenty-one stories present life in a post-abandonment America: A
murder mystery and a young woman lose focus when an Olympic gold
medalist becomes the police chief of a major Florida city; a former
child star forsakes her sexual orientation for a new life with her
adult son’s father; two American cousins vacation in an Ottawa that
has been invaded by pyramid schemers; a ninety-nine percenter lives an
unfulfilled life in 2011 Nashville; a woman immerses herself in a
clown college that becomes a microcosm for a post-abandoned America; a
family goes to extreme measures to ensure the success of their
extraordinary smorgasbord; and many more. For future historians who
want to see early 21st century America—an America abandoned by
God—here are the best accounts for how, where, when, and why.


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