Amazingly Cute by Emma Leigh

Amazingly Cute

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Amazingly Cute

Warning: This is an erotic story meant for adults only. It contains explicit, sexual content.

Nothing But a Number:
Things have been rough for Emily and Michael. They’ve been fighting. A lot. They love each other, sure, but that might not be enough to sustain their marriage. Emily hates the fact that Michael still hangs out with Zoe. As far as Emily’s concerned, he should be willing to cut his friends out of his life if that’s what it would take to make her happy.

But then something changes. After another brutal argument, he thinks about what it was like when they first met. They were nineteen at the time. He traces the numbers one and nine along her back as they fall asleep. It’s just a gentle caress; it isn’t supposed to mean or do anything.

The impossible happens; Emily wakes up, and she’s nineteen again. It seems impossible. Emily just lost ten years. She looks and feels like a teenager. Obviously, this is unacceptable. No one would take her seriously when she looks this way. So when they fall asleep again, Michael promises to trace a different number along her back. She’s going to be a little girl. She’ll wear a cute little pink dress, she will play with dolls, and she will do whatever he says. If she doesn’t, she will need to be spanked.

Of course, Michael could always make it worse. He could always regress her to the state of an actual baby. She’d be diapered, trapped in cribs or strapped into strollers, always helpless and dependent on the adults around her. Worse, if she becomes a baby, that means he’ll need help taking care of her. Zoe—Emily’s worst enemy—would make a great babysitter.

Michelle’s Secret:
Nate and Michelle make a great couple, but there’s a problem. Back in high school, Michelle worked really hard to get into one college in particular. When she was rejected, she lost her way. Lost, she hasn’t figured out what to do with her life.

Ever since then, she has been drifting. She relies on Nate to take care of her, and he’s done his best. Even so, she just can’t snap out of her funk. So when he finds a secret file on her computer, a file filled with pictures of girls in diapers, he decides that something needs to change.

As Michelle sleeps one night, he strips her. He ties her down. And when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Bound and helpless, she can’t do anything but endure the indignity of getting diapered by her boyfriend. For too long, she’s kept her true desires and needs a secret. There won’t be any more lying or arguing. Her life will revolve around diapers and obedience. Her boyfriend will see to it.

Amazingly Cute is a 30,000 word ebook that features domination, bondage, and diaper humiliation. All characters are consenting adults or the age of eighteen.


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