Amazing Minecraft Comics: Flash and Bones and Waging the Winter War: The Greatest Minecraft Comics for Kids by Calvin Crowther

Amazing Minecraft Comics: Flash and Bones and Waging the Winter War: The Greatest Minecraft Comics for Kids

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Amazing Minecraft Comics: Flash and Bones and Waging the Winter War: The Greatest Minecraft Comics for Kids

*** HEROBRINE’S ARMY IS FLOODING THROUGH MAGIC PORTALS READY TO DESTROY EVERYTHING *** Can Flash and his newly reforged weapon from Notch defeat him and his overwhelming horde?

Episode 25: Waging the Winter War

With Herobrine’s armada of warships flowing through the skies, Flash and the heroes must find a way to stop him from destroying the canyon and Launa’s village. With the help of some new allies, Flash faces his brother head-on in an epic fight that will ultimately determine the fate of the world.

Can Flash defeat Herobrine with the help of his friends and their new Viking allies, or will his inner struggle to save is brother be his ultimate downfall?

Fans of the Amazing Flash and Bones series of Minecraft Comics for Kids will love this new adventure story
– Including over 124 fully illustrated comic pages
– An integrated treasure map to uncover the secrets hidden along the way as you read.
– A FREE bonus book that you can unlock with a secret code discovered while following the treasure hunt

This Minecraft diary of an unlikely hero that gets sucked into a world like Lego Minecraft, has the look and feel of any of the best Marvel Comics with superheros based on the Minecraft games and characters you’ve come to love, as well as other Minecraft books and Minecraft videos.

In these Minecraft Comics for Kids, our hero Flash will be searching for the mysterious Herobrine with the help of a Minecraft villager named Bones and many friends they’ve met along the way. They’ll run into many different Minecraft Zombies and other monsters, including wolves, an evil witch, skeletons, creepers, endermen, and the ender dragon.

In order to complete their journey they must uncover hidden Minecraft secrets, mine and craft tools, build structures and set Minecraft traps in order to make it to the end of their quest and keep from being destroyed by Herobrine and his minions.

What you expect from Minecraft Comics for Kids, Minecraft games and Minecraft toys will never be the same after reading these Amazing Interactive Adventures of Flash and Bones and their unusual band of friends. Even the Minecraft videos you enjoy won’t be as full of adventure after these amazing Minecraft comics.

Make sure to get your Minecraft download: A FREE Handbook with 12 activity puzzles that go along with the story
– Find the differences in the 2 Minecraft scenes
– Solve the logic puzzle to find out who wins the fight
– Answer questions about the story so you can follow the treasure map to it’s end.

Minecraft Comics in the Flash and Bones series
– #1 The Empty Tomb of Hero-brine
– #2 Leetah the Wicked Witch
– #3 The Mysterious Bloodrock Mountains
– #4 Hero-brine’s Mountain Prison
– #5 The Enderman Zombie Potion
– #6 The Wild West Frontier
– #7 The Mystery of the Secret Stronghold
– #8 The Demon Zombie Curse
– #9 The Jungle Demon Agramon
– #10 Agramon’s Nether Fortress
– #11 The Magic Golden Apple
– #12 The Creeper Canyon Quest
– #13 Bandits and the Magic Underworld
– #14 Death in the Cavern of Terror
– #15 The Epic Bandit Rescue
– #16 The Zombie Curse Awakens
– #17 The Battle Bots from Below
– #18 The Purging of the Station
– #19 The Rise of the Reaper
– #20 New Heroes and Old Enemies
– #21 The Battle of the Brothers
– #22 The Uprising in Angel’s Army
– #23 The Frost Dragon Fight
– #24 The Secret in the Temple of Notch
– #25 Waging the Winter War
– #26 The Choice of the Bionic Hunter


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