The Alternative Guestbook: Welcome to the people business. by P. T. Outlander

The Alternative Guestbook: Welcome to the people business.

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The Alternative Guestbook: Welcome to the people business.

I never intended to get into this line of work.

In fact it was as far removed from what I knew as competitive ski jumping, which wouldn’t perhaps be so much of a stretch if I didn’t hail from an industrial town on the outskirts of Liverpool. Somehow I always knew I was going to escape it, but I was a man without a plan, and sometimes life will gently nudge, and then shove you right out of your comfort zone.

This business is a beast. It’s all consuming. I spent so much time there that I ended up calling it home. My co-workers became my annoying, dysfunctional, substitute family, and my actual home was just somewhere to sleep. I’ve seen people at their behavioural worst, and yet I stayed. Some people pay to be dominated and verbally abused, I received that as an added bonus.
In between ‘fishing’ and saving people from ‘logging accidents’ in the pool, and handling upper level hotel management, it was my job to deal with the drunk, the stupid, and the just plain weird. I’ve listened, lied, and fought fire with fire. Think of this book as the hotel’s guest book shoved over the wrong side of the counter. Guest experience? They certainly are!


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