Alpha Seal’s Chocolate Encounter: A Gay Romance by Patricia Vanzant

Alpha Seal's Chocolate Encounter: A Gay Romance

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Alpha Seal’s Chocolate Encounter: A Gay Romance

Cody: “I can’t live this life anymore. The navy seals have taught me how to be a strong man, capable of many skills, but I just can’t live that life anymore. All I want is peace and quiet. When I was out in the Middle East, all I could think about was murdering terrorists. But why? Because I was trained to. I was trained to kill on sight, like a dog trained to kill for a scrap of meat. But I’m finally done…at least for now. All I have in front of me is tending to my ranch, and spending some quality time with my horses. Philip better have done a good job maintaining my ranch…or else..i’ll kil……I’ll hurt him.”

Wes: ”I am just a nomad with a skillset that is needed in this area. I haven’t had a place called ‘home’ in a while, but this new ranch with these underfed horses could be my new one. I mean, how could the owners just leave their horses in the stables to die? I would never do that to such a majestic creature. One of my main talents is training horses, and when this person gets back, I am going to tear them up for what they have done. Hopefully it’s a man though, because I’ve been looking for the right one for a long time now…”

WARNING: This ebook contains strong content and language and is intended for mature readers only.


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