Adventure Books for Kids: 3 in 1 Fun Adventures for Kids by Jeff Child

Adventure Books for Kids: 3 in 1 Fun Adventures for Kids (Children’s Adventure Stories)

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Adventure Books for Kids: 3 in 1 Fun Adventures for Kids (Children’s Adventure Stories)

3 stories to enjoy.

Diary 1: Chelsey started a journal. She mentions some interesting phenomena from the past that happened because of her secret superpower, but her most adventurous day turned out to be a life saver for her mother and a disaster for a trio of evil thugs. How did she do it? And what was that superpower that helped her perform such a heroic deed?

Story 2: This story book is about a superhero called Kareem. He has powers, important ones, valuable ones. His mission in life is to help those in need, but when his character gets tested, he finds himself in an awful situation, having to decide between extremely difficult options. The way is clear, and yet it’s not. Let Kareem take you on this journey of epic heroism as he faces some of the hardest trials in his life. Can he prevent the dooming disaster from happening or is it too late?

Diary 3: The spy in this diary has principles, but he is about to throw them all away for a change of mind. Codius discovers something fishy is going on in the hometown he grew up in. His commissioner is acting weird and the top secret mission he is about to fulfill is questionable. Learn more about the dilemma Codius is facing in this quick and fun diary, written by himself. He will show you the background of the life of a spy, with all the secrets that go with it.


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