Addicted to That Hood Love 2 by Kay Ferrell

Addicted to That Hood Love 2

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Addicted to That Hood Love 2

Have you ever been addicted to something? Is it really an addiction or just a habit you can’t break?

The gangs all here, but things are now crazier than before…

As Kiani is whisked away in an ambulance, Titan is left with anger, itching to get to the bottom of why she was hurt. With Titan seeing red, Porshay and Jovani had better stay out of the way unless they want to end up like Booda.

Khy goes off the deep end and leaves Malaya to pick up the pieces after finally putting his foot down and deciding to be a man. However, with past acquaintances visiting, he had better buckle down and put away his boy pants before the next thing he needs is a pacifier.

Just downstairs from Titan, Shon sits, fighting back anger after finding that mysterious test. Just like you, he’s awaiting the answer to the million-dollar question; is Anari pregnant and why is it a secret?

But, Shon isn’t the only one uncovering secrets, this entry will send you on a whirlwind with a cup of tea that never stops spilling.

Are you ready for this Hood Love?

Get ready because your favorite addiction is only about to get stronger.

Addicted to that Hood Love 2


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