60 Days For Jesus, Volume 2: Understanding Christ Better, Two Months at a Time by Matt McMillen

60 Days For Jesus, Volume 2: Understanding Christ Better, Two Months at a Time

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60 Days For Jesus, Volume 2: Understanding Christ Better, Two Months at a Time

A lot can be accomplished in 60 days. With commitment, addictions can be broken, damaged relationships can be healed, and unhealthy ones, dissolved. In 60 days, mindsets can start down the path of renewal, hearts can be restored, and our joy firmly established. 60 days may not seem like a long time, but by dedicating yourself to any new action or lifestyle change, you can produce a brand new life, month by month!

My name is Matt McMillen, in these writings I’ll take you on a daily devotional journey, two months at a time. My goal is to help you find and establish a deep relationship with Jesus Christ. Life can be extremely demanding, painful, and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be! God wants to give you peace through a close walk with Jesus.

In 60 Days For Jesus I will outline practical ways, based on Scripture, as well as give heartfelt personal illustrations to help you live out your bond with Christ. Be encouraged! God has a good plan for you! And this good plan is found in a one-on-one relationship with Jesus. Allow me to help you build up this relationship, 60 days at a time.

Here are some highlights of our journey:

*Learn how to understand just HOW secure your salvation is in Christ!

*Learn how to overcome addictions by discovering your true identity in Christ!

*Learn how to form healthy relationships by establishing boundaries!

*Learn how to break free from legalism and works-based salvation!

*Learn how to develop confidence in your God-given gifts!

*Learn how to develop a personal ministry based on what YOU enjoy!

*Learn how extremely special and unconditionally loved you are in Christ!

*Learn how to allow God to not just help you GET OVER your past, but to use it for your purpose!

*Learn how to relax in God’s grace which will spur you on to do the most work you’ve ever done before, and FOR the right reasons!


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